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Lebeddie, a distinguished company in the pet industry, is renowned for its premium dog beds and accessories, prioritizing comfort and style for furry companions. Despite its acclaim in product design and manufacturing, Lebeddie faced challenges in expanding its market reach and elevating brand visibility. To tackle this, they sought a strategic partnership with Gratitude, a leader in providing claims and declarations for product features on websites, to accelerate growth and solidify their market presence.

What was the challenge?

In the emerging pet products market, Lebeddie focused on expanding their consumer base and strengthening their brand identity through their product features. Lebeddie offers exclusively high-quality products with sustainable properties.

How we solved it?

Recognizing the complementary nature of their expertise, Lebeddie and Gratitude have worked closely together to leverage each entity’s strengths:

  1. E-commerce optimization: Gratitude improved Lebeddie’s website by implementing “claims” demonstrating the key features of individual products.
  2. Digital Marketing Strategies: Through targeted online activities by Gratitude, Lebeddie has strengthened its online presence, using SEO or social media.
  3. Product Claims and Statements: Gratitude provided Lebeddie with accurate and compelling claims for their website, effectively communicating the features and benefits of their products to consumers.

The collaboration between Lebeddie and Gratitude yielded remarkable outcomes, propelling Lebeddie’s growth and market stature:

  1. CEO of Lebeddie, Andrej Chovan: “Partnering with Gratitude has significantly enhanced our ability to showcase our commitment to sustainability. Their verification widget provides clear, trustworthy proof of our values, setting us apart and building greater trust with our customers.”
  1. Improved Customer Engagement: With compelling product claims and declarations provided by Gratitude, Lebeddie effectively engaged customers, driving loyalty and repeat visits on website.

The partnership between Lebeddie and Gratitude exemplifies the value of collaboration in fostering innovation. By leveraging each other’s strengths, they achieved improved brand visibility in the competitive pet industry. 

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